Monday, 28 November 2011

719 : Girlfriend x)

Im sorry i asked you to change for me

mintakmaaf saya suruh awak buat benda yg awk takpernah buat ,mintak maaf saya banyak menganjing ,
mintakmaaf saya suruh awk prove ,mintakmaaf saya taknak reply text awk ,mintakmaaf saya ugut awk ,
mintakmaaaf untuk semua.

the truth is ,i love you
Im just trying to turn you into my bestfriend #my everything

so... i wont afraid to tell you everything ,
so... i can call you anytime and asked you to chill me up when im sad ,
so... i can talk to you about my problem and wont afraid because you wont judge
so... i can asked for advice when i dont know what to do
so... im sure that you'll be there when i need you the most   

the truth is , you dont have to change .
It just a test and you prove me wrong , 

you're the most perfect of everything that i could wish for,
and why should i ask for more ?

i love you just the way you are :)

pfffft =,=' by Sharina